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Johannes Helgeson
Johannes Helgeson
Principal Concept Artist & Illustrator
Copenhagen (from Gothenburg, Sweden) , Denmark


Johannes Helgeson, Concept Artist & Illustrator.

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To work on fun and challenging projects in a team-oriented environment. To grow artistically and share my passion and knowledge with co-workers.

University of Skövde (2005-2008) – Degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Media Studies.

Professional Work:

Hibernum Creations (Montreal, 2015 - ) Concept Artist & Illustrator,

Activision/Beenox (Quebec City, 2014-2015) Concept Artist & Illustrator,
Producing concept-art for Skylanders: Superchargers, and other AAA titles.

Helgesonart (Skövde, 2012-2013) Freelance Concept Artist & Illustrator,
Produced pre-production and marketing art for clients such as Trendy Entertainment, Kabam, Volta and Gameloft. Also illustrated cover for 2D Artist Magazine (Nov, 2012).

GoodGame Studios (Hamburg, 2013-2014) Concept Artist,
Produced concept- and marketing-artwork for the IOS game “Shadowkings”, and another un-announced title.

Redsteam Studios, Gameloft (Singapore, 2011-2012) Concept Artist.
Created pre-production, production and marketing art (characters and creatures) for nine different games. In some cases I was tasked with defining the look, and in some cases I had to adapt to an established style. I Would often work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Junebud (Malmö, 2008-2011) Co-Founder, Concept Artist, GUI Artist, 3D Modeller (low-poly) and Texture Artist on the web browser based (unity) 3D action MMO Milmo (
Explored different visual styles for the game in the pre-production phase.
Designed the main player characters.
Drew concept art for NPC:s, enemies, creatures, weapons, clothes, props, furniture and environments.
Created sales art used in the marketing effort.
Wrote art direction documentation for use internally and to be used in cooperation with
outsourcing studios.
Trained new employees in methods, techniques and pipelines to produce art assets that met the style and quality standards of the game.
Provided critique & feedback on co-workers' 3D models, textures and concept artwork, to ensure they adhered to the art direction, both verbally and with paintovers.
Created GUI graphics, including icons, buttons, NPC portraits & the in game map.
Did 3D modeling, UV-mapping & texturing of miscellaneous props, clothes, NPC ́s
(textures only), armors & weapons.

Extremely passionate about art.
Love for electronic games.
Ability to work, and perform well, under tight deadlines.
Can work under strict & detailed art direction, and also capable of working with minimal supervision independently.
Highly enjoy working in a collaborative environment.
Self motivated.
Ability to receive, and adapt to, as well as offer feedback.
Enjoy tough challenges & embrace change.
Approach life with positivity and curiosity. Love to listen and learn.

Concept design and illustration of a variety of subject matters (focused on characters) in different styles, both digitally and traditionally.
Good at verbal and written communication.
Low poly 3D modeling and texturing.
Proficient in use of Photoshop and Luxology Modo.

Spoken & written Swedish (native) and English (native) (Certificate of Proficiency in English, ESOL).

Date of Birth: 1986-05-20 Currently residing in Montreal, Canada
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